Aphrodite Sailing Sunset Tour


Sunset Tour (Transfer included-Pick up 13:15)
Volcano – Hot Springs – Sunset on board (Snacks
and wine is served while sunset)
14:20-After Sunset 85€ /per person


Aphrodite Sailing Sunset Tour (Transfer included-Pick up 13:15)
Volcano – Hot Springs – Sunset on board (Snacks
and wine is served while sunset)
85€ /per person.
Start time
14:20 – After Sunset (from 01/05 – 20/08)
13:30 – After Sunset (from 21/08 – 20/10)

The excursion starts from your village’s meeting point going to the main port of Santorini Athinios port, There the guides of your excursion will be waiting for you, to give you all the important information and to orientate you on the boat. Our first destination will be the famous volcano of Santorini! Should you are interested to be guided at the volcano, you should pay 5 euro / per person as an entrance fee. Then, you will walk to the volcano’s ridge with your guide and he is going to explain your everything about the history and the goelogy of the volcano. You will stay at the volcanic island for 1.5 hr Our next stop will be the island of Palea Kameni where the famous hot Springs are located on the west side. A Place that is realy popular for its thermal waters. We will stop there for 30min at a distance 30 meters from the shallow waters of Agios Nikolaos’ beach. The waters re mixed with mud that thay are full of sulfur, iron and other metals coming from the volcano and they are very good for the skin, rheumatism, arthritis and other physical pains. Sailing above the island in order to enjoy your dinner .
Our experienced staff will prepare everything for you so as to relax and enjoy our Greek tasteful buffer while capturing amazing photos of the Aegean sea, pork rolls, chicken rolls, rise, baked potatoes, Grek island, green salad, tztziki sauce, bead , seasonal fruit , free local wine during buffet!
The end of the excursion comes on sunset time Aphrodite sets sails and the sun dives to the sea in the northernmost part of the island. Our boat will stop very close to Oia village Where you will have the chance to watch the warm light of the setting sun under the violet sky before the night falls. This is the most unforgettable experience as the Caldera and the village of Oia will turn into gold colour. You trip with Aphrodite in this sanctuary of romance is going to be in your memories and your hearts forever!

The volcano that with its strong eruption has shaped this beautiful island that you deserve to know and visit!

You will succeed with us because we are a local and we believe that we will leave you satisfied with your expectations!


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